The Oodrive Group

An international presence A software publisher established in 2000 and pioneer of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions in France, Oodrive is a leading European provider of secure online file management solutions for companies:

  • AdBackup, the range of first online backup solutions in Europe
  • PostFiles and iExtranet, online file sharing solutions
  • Omnikles, virtualization solutions of public procurement contracts
  • CertEurope, e-Trust solutions AirShip and Virtual Browser, cloud browser solutions.

Oodrive solutions are used by VSBs, SMBs as well as large corporates operating in various business sectors (industry, construction, media and communication, services, luxury goods, administration, consultancy, law and accountancy firms, etc.). Over 70% of the companies listed on the French CAC 40 index use an Oodrive solution.

Oodrive also develops applications for general consumers through strategic partnerships with major European players in distribution (such as Fnac, Darty, Auchan, Orange, NordNet, The Phone House and the MAAF). For each brand name, Oodrive develops specific remote backup, and online file storage and file sharing services, offered mostly as part of packages for private individuals.

Currently based in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Asia (Singapore), Oodrive has around 14,500 professional clients and more than a million users in over 90 countries. 

Active Circle

Our mission is to provide software solutions for storing, preserving and sharing large-scale flows of digital assets in the Media, Science and Imaging sectors. Active Circle’s vision goes beyond the current trend of specialized scale-out solutions for storing large amounts of data. 
Our view is that storage must be industry-smart by handling specific file formats in an efficient way, by providing specific storage optimization, and finally by integrating deeply into the applications and workflows. 
Active Circle’s specialized software solutions take the advantage where traditional storage falls short in size, scalability or cost. Active Circle software integrates deeply into applications and workflows, and unleashes their potential by providing unlimited space to store, archive and share data for current and future needs. 
Active Circle customers store flows of video files, satellite images, brain scans, internet logs, experimental data and other large and fast-growing file systems. 
Active Circle software is distributed through a network of system integrators and OEMs selling the solution under their own brand.