• Sep 10, 2010 - at IBC - Active Circle is looking for Broadcast System Integrators that are recognized in their market and have a strong experience of storage and archiving projects in order to address new customer opportunities. This announcement follows the successful deployment of Active Circle in a partner network concentrated in France and Belgium.

  • SuperSonic Imagine, an innovative company working in the realm of medical imaging, has chosen Active Circle for storing and archiving the results of clinical trials of their next-generation ultrasound imaging system

  • May 11, 2010 - Active Circle has introduced a new feature to its storage and archiving system for checking the integrity of files using the MD5 checksum throughout their lifecycle.

  • IGN

    The National Geographic Institute has chosen Active Circle for its GIS archiving system in order to create a hierarchical and secure archive for their dozens of terabytes of image and cartographic data.

  • Kurd1 has selected Active Circle to integrate an archiving solution with its digital HD workflow. The archives, which are stored on LTO tape, are secure and instantly accessible for broadcast, dubbing, or editing.