Active Circle adds LTO-7 support with increased capacity

Increased capacity

The LTO-7 technology provides 6 TB of native capacity per cartridge, or 15 TB in compressed mode. This is a 140% increase in capacity compared to the previous LTO-6 technology, as the LTO-6 cartridge is able to store up to 2.5 TB of uncompressed data.

Increased transfer rate

With LTO-7, the data transfer also occurs much more rapidly at rates of up to 300 MB per second without compression, or 1.1 TB of data per hour per drive. Compression depends on the nature of the data: from a very high level of compression for text data, down to almost no compression for most video formats that are already compressed.

Migrating from LTO-6 to LTO-7

Active Circle customers using LTO-6 can switch to LTO-7 by replacing some of the drives in an existing library and by modifying their storage or archive strategies, if their library supports LTO-7 drives. An alternative method for getting the benefits of the LTO-7 technology consists of adding a new library and defining a strategy to transparently moving the data from a library to another, without impacting users.

For more information or to upgrade to the new release please contact Active Circle.