New at IBC: hybrid cloud archive management

The Active Circle archive management system turns hybrid: you can decide to place your archives on-premises or in the cloud depending on your workflow. For example, you can keep a local ready-to-use copy of your most recent files and automatically push cold media archives to the cloud where they remain viewable and downloadable, only with a slight delay.

This year Active Circle, following its integration into the Oodrive group, will demonstrate an augmented portfolio of solutions for media professionals:

  • Active Circle, its flagship archive management system, now able to store media files on disk, on tape and in the Cloud, transparently to the users. Older files are automatically moved to the next storage tier based on the policy you defined.
  • Active Media Explorer, the long-term media asset management system ideally suited to index your content and keep it over time, ready for re-use.
  • MediaWaz, the secure file sharing and collaborative solution designed for media users. Publish, share your footage or your projects with clients and partners, and work with remote team members.

Visit Active Circle, an Oodrive company, at IBC in Amsterdam from Sep 11 to 15 on Booth 2B39f.