France 3 Corsica

France 3 Corsica has chosen Active Circle's storage solution as its system for archiving video in file mode.


The solution will free up on-line disk space, store archives on disk and LTO-5 tape, and integrate directly with the existing workflow thanks to its use of standard protocols.

The transition to a “tapeless” (or zero-cassette) environment at France 3 Corsica took place two years ago. “In the first phase of the project, we went from storage on video cassette to on-line storage in file format. The archives were stored on disks in a NAS system. Two years later, however, it was taking up too much space, so we decided to implement an archiving solution,” states François Stefanaggi, technical manager at France 3 Corsica.


The specifications for a system to meet this challenge while remaining within strict budget constraints were drawn up. The goal was to implement a secure, long-term archiving solution that would provide users easy access to the files, that was capable of evolving with the latest storage technologies and to meet new challenges, and finally that was easy to integrate with industry-standard applications for automated broadcasting and media asset management (MAM).


Active Circle proposed a storage and archiving solution using disk and tape comprising two clustered servers, each equipped with disk storage, and an LTO-5 tape library. Data deposited to disk is automatically migrated to tape according to a schedule, all the while remaining accessible to users. Content can be accessed from any client workstation.


The solution fits seamlessly in the digital workflow thanks to its use of standard protocols: Active Circle is integrated with the production chain, in particular with the automation tool from Aveco, which archives to and restores from Active Circle via FTP.


“The solution proposed by Active Circle and their partner Digital Storage matched very well with our requirement for an optimized investment because we were able to reuse our existing NAS servers. For the same level of functionality, Active Circle was the best value. More importantly, they worked with us throughout the project, in particular during the migration phase... In the end, we chose Active Circle because they were offering the solution that best met our requirements at the best price,” concludes François Stefanaggi.


About Active Circle

Created in 2002, Active Circle develops and markets an innovative software-based solution that addresses the need for storing, preserving, and managing large volumes of digital content. The Active Circle software has been designed for organizations that manage video content, images, scientific and technical data, or user content to help them better control the lifecycle of their data while at the same time keeping down the costs of storage ownership and administration.