Horse racing video content archived by Active Circle

The center of harness racing in France, the Hippodrome de Vincennes is equipped with 24 video cameras which are used for recording the races for subsequent broadcasting. The primary mission of the association Cheval Français is to further the development of harness racing in France, and it is the rights holder of the recordings. Cheval Français manages the video production and broadcasting directly from the racetrack, thanks to an integrated production department for the web broadcast channels Equidia and Sulky TV.


Through this arrangement, the racetrack can draw from the considerable video collection managed by Cheval Français. All the events and races since 1929 have been filmed and archived, representing thousands of hours of content. The content is indexed using various criteria like date, driver, jockey, horse and owner, with management entrusted to the archiving team. The data are stored in appropriate facilities on site.


The archives are stored on different media types, each corresponding to common formats being used at the time of recording, such as Beta videotape and Digital Betacam. This presents potential problems in the form of loss of videocassettes, theft, time lost searching for cassettes in the archives, multiple manual handling steps and high storage costs. Over time, the need for change was gradually recognized, and the project was initiated in 2010.