KM Production deploys Active Circle

Paris, 3rd of February 2014 - KM Production, a major producer in the French media landscape, specialized in daily shows for television, deployed the Active Circle solution for securing, managing and archiving its media content.

Among KM’s flagship programs are “Grand Journal” on Canal+ and “Before du Grand Journal”. KM also produces broadcast of major events like the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival.


The production of daily shows mixes live action on the set, external reporting and news clips. The production is running in just-in-time mode. All productions combined, KM needs to store and secure terabytes of files each week.

As broadcasters demanded that the broadcast-ready video be delivered in file format, and the existing storage could not absorb the increasing volume, KM decided to review the way media files were managed and stored.

KM called upon its service provider Cap’Ciné to provide a suitable solution. Cap’Ciné organized workshops for defining the project framework, and proposed a turnkey solution from Active Circle which was adapted to the needs of KM while taking maximum advantage of the existing hardware.

The solution consists of a disk level with 20 terabytes which reuses the existing Qnap NAS, plus an LTO tape library with 24 slots and 2 LTO-6 tape drives from Overland Storage. The Active Circle software virtualizes the storage by providing a file view to the users and applying storage policies to the logical space on disks and tape. Active Circle provides access both through a file view interface and a web application used for indexing and previewing: Active Media Explorer (AME).

“The Active Circle solution is perfectly suited to a TV producer like KM. We examined the needs and offered the best solution. We integrated the hardware and the software in our lab, and transferred it all to KM. In less than 4 days including training, the solution was operational and being put to use by the teams” - Vincent Hautefort – Videlio Cap’Ciné, solution Integrator.

The Active Circle disk space is at the core of the storage workflow. «This disk space of about 20 terabytes is being heavily used», says Post-production Manager Benoît Bonardot. The rushes arrive from shooting and are written directly to this space, and the Avid workstations access it directly for ingest purposes and for exporting.

All the content which is placed on this space is automatically copied to tape to protect the data. The users continue to see the content in file mode or in the AME interface, even when the files are no longer on disk. The researchers and journalists can search among all the archived content and view the media in a matter of seconds. They can also send files directly to the AVID production servers.

“Before, when a director or a producer needed to view a broadcast, we had to make a videotape or a DVD. Then the file had to be extracted, transcoded and inserted into the workflow. The productivity gain is considerable”, emphasizes Benoît Bonardot