Kurd 1

Archiving in a tapeless HDTV channel

Kurd1 has selected Active Circle to integrate an archiving solution with its digital HD workflow. The archives, which are stored on LTO tape, are secure and instantly accessible for broadcast, dubbing, or editing.

Kurd1 Channel

Kurd 1 is a general interest satellite channel broadcast in Kurmanji, the most widely spoken Kurdish dialect. Its mission is cultural and educational, with programs covering Kurdish culture, music, youth, cinema, sports, and news. Transmitted by Eutelsat's Hot Bird 13° East, it has been broadcasting since 27 April 2009.

Independent and apolitical, its target audience is the population of 35 to 40 million Kurds in the Middle East and the European diaspora. In the context of the fragmented and politicized landscape of Kurdish media, Kurd 1 strives to remain accessible to everyone and to rise above political differences, borders, and regional difficulties. Financed by private Kurdish capital, Kurd 1 is supported by the major Kurdish sociocultural organizations including the Kurdish Institute of Paris, as well as institutions of Iraqi Kurdistan.

End to End digital workflow

“Kurd 1 is one of the few completely tapeless HDV channels, ”states Jacky Degorre, the station's technical director. Kurd 1 operates entirely in HD digital video, with the pivot format being HD V21080i at 25MB/s. This all-digital workflow–from rushes to R2B (ready to broadcast)-requires the transfer, storage,back-up, and archiving of an enormous amount of video data prior to broadcast.

The work of dubbing, which is distributed across a number of countries, requires its own workflow: wav files are generated for the sound and .mov (QuickTime) files for the video. The dubbing teams take these files and produce a .wav file for the Kurmanji voice over, which is then mixed back into the HDV.

MBT, the architect of the software solution, designed the overall workflow around a redundant broadcast system on two Chamele on servers. Graphics are managed by Liberty and traffic by Paradise software. The acquisition and transfer of files is carried out with the Phoenix suite.

A storage space of 16 TB NAS is used as a staging platform for content awaiting dubbing, broadcast, or transfer. The Media File Mover (MFM) transfers the video files between production, the archives, or broadcast, interfacing with the Active Media Library from Active Circle.