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nWave Pictures archive its 3D productions with Active Circle

nWave Pictures, a world leader in the production and distribution of 3D cinema, has chosen the Active Circle Storage System for archiving its 3D content, a collection representing hundreds of terabytes of data. The system comprises the Active Circle software, servers, and storage on disks and LTO tape.


Headquartered in Brussels, nWave Pictures is a world leader in the production and distribution of 3D content, most recently the film “Sammy's Adventures”, which premiered in August 2010.


For the last several years, nWave Pictures has been looking for a solution that provides both long-term storage and ready accessibility for the content generated during their 3D projects. “What is unique about 3D cinema is that each project generates more than 50 million files for a volume of over 100 terabytes. It simply isn't possible to store this content on traditional storage systems,” states Joël Labby, nWave's Technical Director.


“We have been looking for a solution to this problem for more than three years, but no supplier has been able to propose a solution capable of managing tens of millions of files (and of course the corresponding index) for each 3D project. And because we could not find a system that would allow us to centralize the management of the whole process, the only thing we could do was to do it all manually.”


The system nWave has implemented consists of two servers (storage nodes) to provide high-availability access, two disk arrays that store the sequences currently being worked on, and an LTO tape library for completed sequences. All content is stored and archived in multiple copies, with some being stored in vaults to protect against any data loss.


To respond to the challenge posed by the vast number of files, Active Circle has implemented a solution based on two of its key features: its mechanism for on-demand archiving and the import/export of LTO tapes in TAR format. This solution allows for the compression of the metadata (the indexes) during archiving and for decompressing them when re-reading the data. “We have selected Active Circle because it is a solution that manages storage on both disk and LTO tape that provides easy access to the files, it supports the TAR format to guarantee data longevity, and it is capable to manage the millions of files generated by our 3D productions. Finally, and most importantly, the Active Circle team took the time to study our processes and to propose a customized module based on its API in order to meet the constraints of our production processes,” concludes Joël Labby.


About Active Circle

Created in 2002, Active Circle develops and markets an innovative software-based solution that addresses the need for storing, preserving, and managing large volumes of digital content. The Active Circle software has been designed for organizations that manage video content, images, scientific and technical data, or user content to help them better control the lifecycle of their data while at the same time keeping down the costs of storage ownership and administration.



About nWave

nWave is a multinational company dedicated to producing and distributing immersive 3D/4D content worldwide. nWave Pictures leads the way in bringing quality content to the 3D/4D entertainment and edutainment industries. nWave Pictures is a fully integrated digital studio capable of handling all phases of production from concept development, financing, production and post production to sales and distribution of state-of-the-art 3D/4D films.