SuperSonic Imagine Selects Active Circle

SuperSonic Imagine Selects Active Circle for Storing and Archiving Their Data


SuperSonic Imagine, an innovative company working in the realm of medical imaging, has chosen Active Circle for storing and archiving the results of clinical trials of their next-generation ultrasound imaging system.

“Active Circle allows us to rationalize the storage infrastructure for our business and user data, while at the same time providing the archiving functionality we need,” states Erik De Zeeuw, IT Manager.

“With Active Circle, we can very easily define sophisticated management rules for each type of data. For example, our clinical trial data will be backed up by automatic replication to our two sites, distributed over different storage media, and by the regular generation of tape archives, a process which is facilitated by the fact that all of the required functionality is integrated within the Active Circle system.”

About SuperSonic Imagine

SuperSonic Imagine is a young, innovative company that is quickly gaining recognition in the international medical imaging business. Created in 2005 by Jacques Souquet, a “serial entrepreneur”, and a renowned team of researchers, SuperSonic Imagine has developed a revolutionary imaging technology: ShearWave™ Elastography, which can measure the elasticity of tissue. Aixplorer®, the next-generation ultrasound system developed by SuperSonic Imagine, has three immediate clinical applications: breast, thyroid, and abdominal imaging. Based in Aix-en-Provence, they currently employ 120 people working at four sites: the headquarters in France, Seattle, London, and Munich. SuperSonic Imagine has the exclusive rights to patents and patent applications, thereby guaranteeing them the exclusive use of this process. For more information about SuperSonic Imagine, visit their website at


About Active Circle

Created in 2002, Active Circle develops and markets an innovative software-based solution that addresses the need for storing, preserving, and managing large volumes of digital content. The Active Circle software has been designed for organizations that manage video content, images, scientific and technical data, or user content to help them better control the lifecycle of their data while at the same time keeping down the costs of storage ownership and administration.