Active Circle

The software platform for storing, preserving and sharing very large data sets

Active Circle Highlights

Software-based storage solution for massive data sets

Active Circle is a software solution for storing and archiving very large file volumes. Active Circle helps IT organizations reduce storage costs, simplify storage administration, and provide users with easy access to their files.


With the Software-Defined Storage concept, the data administration is separated from the storage administration. Physical storage devices are virtualized as pools. You can easily switch from one storage vendor or technology to another.

Simplified administration

Thanks to policy-based data management, storage administration is simplified. You define the lifecycle for your data and Active Circle implements the policies.

Reduced storage cost

Tiered storage moves old data to ‘cold’, less expensive storage, while keeping it accessible to users. Your storage budget is optimized.

Easy management of distributed sites

Users located on multiple sites access a global distributed system. No more cumbersome data transfer.

Simplified access

Active Circle is visible on the network as a virtual NAS. You provide your users with easy access to their files.

Cope with data growth

You can grow each share capacity up to several petabytes, without any downtime.

Protect and preserve your data

All files are protected by replication and versioning policies. There is no need for a third-party backup tool.

Automated archiving

Old files are automatically archived while still being accessible. You offload your disk storage tiers for new data.
Active Media Explorer, a content-oriented interface

Active Media Explorer is a web interface for browsing and retrieving the multimedia content in the Archive. Search, view the low-res file and retrieve the content you are looking for. 



"Active Circle is the only storage solution that combines the features of an HSM system and of a distributed file system. With Active Circle, we can store very large data sets at very low cost."

Target Applications

Active Circle customers store massive data sets in the following areas:

  • Audio & Video storage
  • Scientific data sets
  • Imaging (Science, Medical…)
  • User data
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Design data (e.g. publishing, CAD) and other large data sets


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