Archiving for Media & Entertainment

Active Circle is an archive solution used by a number of large clients in the broadcasting and media industries for managing a flexible archiving environment that is perfectly integrated with their workflows and media asset management systems. Thanks to Active Circle, you can leverage your organization's video and audio assets, making them available when you need them at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage solutions.

Digital content is growing fast

The switch to an entirely digital production and broadcasting model combined with the HD revolution have created an urgent need for space to store and archive digital content, which is growing at an exponential rate.

Open standards enable cost-effective solutions

Companies in the media and broadcasting industries can now take advantage of lower costs when responding to their increased storage needs. The cost of storage on both disk and tape has fallen considerably in recent years thanks to the generalization of standardized computer components.

An archival space that is unlimited, secure, and accessible

Active Circle creates a virtualized storage space that can be extended on demand using standard, off-the-shelf hardware with integrated services for data protection, storage optimization, and supervision. Your archives are stored on either disk or LTO tape and are accessible through standard network protocols..

The benefits

  • Your Archives are accessible: Your organization’s reference data is always available and easily accessible.
  • Your content is safe: Your data is protected against loss, corruption, and accidental deletion.
  • Production servers are free from unnecessary content. The archive is the place to store the content when not used. This liberates space on the production servers.
  • Prepare the future: Increase capacity and performance with no impact on the workflow.
  • Hardware Independence: Liberate your storage from proprietary storage vendors or technologies. Move your archives automatically from old to new storage technology.
  • Reduced Storage Cost: Use disk when needed, use LTO tape for its very low cost.

The Active Circle advantages

  • HSM / Storage on disk and LTO tape: a typical solution consists of a disk storage tier for fast access and a second tier on LTO tape
  • Partial Restore on various formats to retrieve only the required sequence
  • Web Services API for very easy workflow integration
  • Direct access: Your archives can be accessed as if they were sitting on a file server using standard network protocols FTP or CIFS
  • Active Media Explorer: the AME is a user interface for indexing, searching and viewing the archives
  • Open format: archives in TAR format for longevity and preservation, and LTFS export for data exchange
  • Hardware independence: a software solution that runs on standard hardware, that supports any type of disk array and tape library
  • High-availability solution: redundant access to the archives; clustered architecture with no point of weakness.

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