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Large file systems and "Big Data"

Many organizations in Scientific, Research and other technical environments produce large file systems, sometimes called "Big Data"; these data quickly overwhelm primary storage capacity and are very difficult to manage because their size goes beyond the capacity of a single file system or a single disk array. Such file systems are impossible to back-up via traditional tools. The requirement is for storage that can scale to Petabytes, is secure, and that covers both primary (disk) and secondary (disk or tape) layers.

The Challenge of Storing and Archiving

The traditional distinction between storage and archive is obsolete. The real need is for a storage that is always available and accessible from anywhere while remaining secure. Its capacity can be expanded whenever needed and it integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. At the same time it has to be compatible with your IT budget.

Active Circle

Active Circle has been designed to store, share and archive large volumes of file-based data. It fills the gap between storage and archive management in order to respond to the challenge of continuous data growth. Active Circle is a software solution that runs on any x86 server and supports disk and tape storage. Storage is virtualized: whether adding disks or tapes to increase capacity or extra servers to improve performance, you are free to choose the technology best adapted to your needs. You can run the latest storage hardware alongside older systems.

Main features of the Active Circle solution

  • Modular Storage System: clustered and distributed architecture with virtualized space on disk and tape, each file system scalable up to 4 Petabytes
  • Active Archive: direct access to archives. Files on disk or tape are visible and accessible via a file system interface and standard CIFS, NFS and FTP protocols
  • Replication and versioning for Data Protection: embedded replication and version management
  • HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management): policy-based data management, automatic data migration
  • Tape library support: control of tape libraries for second tier, with TAR format on tape.
  • Multi-site data sharing: replication of one file system on multiple locations with lock manager for ensuring consistency.

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